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The Yoga

The Yoga that I teach and what has inspired my journey


I am a classically trained dancer since the age of 3 learning under the instruction of my very first Guru, my wonderful dance teacher, the late Miss Jean Geddes. She was an inspiration to me and everything I am today as a teacher. I have been lucky enough to spend many years acting and dancing in many West End shows, productions, film and television, today I also work in voice over.


In 2008 I met my second Guru Sri Dharma Mittra (if you don’t know him, google him - wow!) The influence of these two beautiful beings, both deeply committed to the body, movement, breath and spirit has had a deep impact on the passion in which I teach today. My classes are graceful yet super strong and powerful just like Miss Geddes and Sri Dharma. They taught me to choreograph my Yoga sequencing intelligently, designed to work with the bodies systems, to aid strength, flexibility, overall health and well-being and not only in the body, but also in the mind. I design my yoga classes to make you FEEL GOOD! 


I'd like you to think of my classes as a moving, breathing meditation. I aim to inspire confidence in everyone who steps through the door, everyone is welcome, from the absolute beginner to the seasoned 20+ year practitioner. Whatever level you are, YOU are welcome and you will always be encouraged and challenged. Be prepared for alignment instruction and lots of variations to take you deeper into your practice and always upside down, after all it's good to see things from a different perspective! Be prepared to work hard and then totally surrender and let go as I guide you through the most blissful, deep relaxation meditation. 


After my class you should expect to feel uplifted yet completely calm, restored and fully focused for the rest of your day and week. Give it a try! 

Class Schedule

I am currently in transit - having recently left London, and moved just outside. So no longer teaching at my beautiful spiritual home Indaba after 11 amazing years there. Soon I will pick up studio classes closer to home and hopefully stream them. Until then join me on one of my many Retreats in 2023 or online every Saturday on Zoom!


Private classes are available either at your home, place of work or on zoom, please get in contact for prices and availability 

Wake-up Yoga Stretch (15 mins) Beginners | Advanced. Feel energized and ready to start your day.

Wake-up Yoga Stretch (15 mins) Beginners | Advanced. Feel energized and ready to start your day.

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