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My name is Clare and I am happy you’re interested in learning more about yoga, mediation, science and what I love to teach.

I strongly believe in YOU and the power of your body and mind to heal itself.

You were born with an incredible computer in your brain, and with a magnificent body containing nearly 40 trillion cells that are all communicating with one another, to keep complicated systems and processes working in the most fascinating and intricate ways; building proteins, signalling chemicals and transferring energy. 

Who? What? Why?

Basically you are pure magic

Unfortunately though at times life can become stressful. What we perceive in the world around us, in our environment can have a huge effect on how we think, how we feel and subsequently how we behave

Have you noticed that when life feels smooth and easy, you feel relaxed, strong and your energy is high? And have you also noticed that when your life feels stressful and difficult that you can feel depleted, anxious, weak or tired? Perhaps you might say that your energy is low or you may even be experiencing illness or disease.

The methods of the Yoga, Meditation and Breathing I teach are intrinsically linked to developments in science. I’m fascinated in the study of epigenetics (how your environment and behaviours regulate your genes), I work with your energy and hormonal centres using the ideas of endocrinology to bring your hormones back into balance, and I work with ideas from neurology to begin to break down your spiralling limiting beliefs, the beliefs holding you back from what you really want in life - which at it’s core is freedom, expansion and growth. 

My own personal yoga practice spans 20 years and I’ve been a yoga teacher for the past 15 years. I’m a daily meditator, a voice over artist, science geek and animal lover. I passionately share the transformational benefits of yoga through my playful teachings online, over the years in top London Yoga studios and gyms, one to one, in the corporate world, on my retreats, at (women’s Fem-Tech wellness company) AND with relaxing and focused mediations broadcast daily on BBC Radio London, on the Insight timer app, and on YouTube.  

I'll encourage you to tune in to, and become aware of your whole body and mind, especially to what that little voice inside your head (come on we all have one!) is telling your body, and the effect that it could be having on your over all wellbeing. And I will teach you how to relax.


The stillness of my meditation teachings will help you to release limiting thoughts and the movement of my yoga teachings will help release tightness, blockages and stagnation within the body. Combining both these processes enables your energy and life-force (in yoga Prana) to flow more freely. The result will be increased energy and also the resilience to rise above those external stress factors that life throws your way.  


I create a nurturing, safe environment to support you, teaching you tools, to help you find your own space to focus your own mind and body with deeper clarity. Tuning in to what it is that you truly want and deserve in life - and gently guiding you back to your innate, optimal physical and mental health.


"Your health is my mission!"

Clare Connolly

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