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I truly believe in the power of meditation. I have my own regular practice that has taken many twist and turns over the years but overall has been revolutionary for me and my personal wellbeing, health and guidance. 


How can one hope to harbour energy when there is no time to do so? Well we have to make the time to sit with ourselves, to listen to ourselves, to our rhythms, to our desires in order to connect with our true, authentic selves; and to even manifest what we want and need in this life. 


If the idea of sitting with yourself in silence daunts you, try one of my insight timer mediations below, designed to guide you through the process of stilling your mind, letting go and looking deeper inwards. 

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Or use the links below to access my free mediations on Insight Timer and on the Women's Health app for fertility MY PARLA.


Practice the below meditations for free on the INSIGHT TIMER App:

Deep Relaxing Sleep Meditation (30 mins)
Breath Mastery Meditation (12mins)
Letting Go and Releasing Tension (8min)
Breath Meditation for Strong Lungs (6 mins)
Screenshot 2022-03-18 at 22.08.40.png
Women's Fertility Meditations - 35 Cycle Tracking Meditations and 10 Relaxing Self Care Meditations
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