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Walking Meditations

Mallorca 2023 Booking

Reserve your place in paradise...

You deserve this! 

I am so happy you've decided to join me in Mallorca this coming July. It is going to be Magical!

In order to secure your spot please fill out the form below - and make the deposit payment either by card, paypal or you can opt to make a manual payment (I will send an invoice within 48 Hours).


**Please note if booking more than 1 traveller please fill out this form twice, once for each traveller so I have their names and please pay deposits separately alternatively message me and I'll send an invoice**

The package I would like to book is...see brochure download on previous page for room descriptions
I am... (please tick one)

We are already 50% full on this retreat - I will accommodate room requests where I can - if I cannot meet your request I will offer you an alternative and if that is not appropriate will refund your deposit. I hope you can make it!

If you would prefer to make a bank transfer then click "Manual payment" at check out and I will send an invoice within 48hours

Thank you for submitting your deposit for the retreat - Your full payment is due 91 days prior to departure.

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